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An fully serviced, fully original classic 

  • Magnetic (no wear), direct drive (low slip) mechanism.
  • High torque (1.5 kgf·cm or 0.15 N·m), which means the platter spins at the desired speed almost immediately (0.7 seconds to reach 33 ¹⁄₃ RPM from standstill), and rapidly reacquires the desired speed, without "overshooting", if the platter is dragged or nudged. This aids beatmatching.
  • Low wow and flutter (0.01%), implying that the platter stays within 1/100 of 1% of the desired speed.
  • Heavy base (2.5 kg), and increased isolation of platter from base, reduced the likelihood of feedback or stylus jumping.
  • Variable pitch control, allowing the rotational speed to be adjusted from -8% to +8% (for the purpose of beatmatching).
  • High reliability: many examples of SL-1200s lasting well over 15 years of heavy use and withstanding physical shock without functional impairment.
  • S-shaped tone arm: as found on vintage high end hi-fi turntables.

Accessoires: original single adapter

Nags: dust cover has fine scratches, pitch fader pain is slightly worn

Technics SL-1210 mk2 with Ortofon Concorde Pro

SKU: 20170408-2
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