Saturday morning workshops: repair your own turntable


The idea of a repair workshop was born when Marcel T. from Cappelle a/d IJssel asked me if I would be a open to the idea to offer a turntable repair workshop in addition to my repair services. Since then many other of my clients also told me they really like the idea of repairing their own turntable under my supervision.

If you also like the idea of spending a Saturday morning learning a about your turntable, than also you are welcome to attend my workshop.

Tools, spare parts, all factory specified oils & fats are availbale, just book a workshop online and bring your own turntable(s).


Note: The workshop is not limited to only (Dual) turntables, in my 15+ years of repairing turntables, loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD-players etc. I have succesfully repaired many brands and types of equipment from many brands.